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Hispanic Roots, Hispanic Homelands

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To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this newly updated 20-page supplement teaches students about the heritage and history of Hispanic Americans by exploring the more than 20 different countries they come from. To help students understand the growing influence of America’s largest ethnic group, this special newspaper section looks at the history and traditions that have shaped the lives of Hispanic Americans in their homelands, the geography and natural features that provide a sense of place for Hispanic Americans, the politics that shaped their lives and the achievements that are a continuing source of pride. This supplement will give students a new understanding of how Hispanic Americans may be people of different races and traditions yet they change and enrich any land in which they choose to live. Homelands covered include Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paraguay Uruguay, Andorra and Belize.To extend the lessons of this supplement Hollister Kids offers its Super Size Hispanic Culture Teacher Guide as a separate purchase.

Sample Newspaper Activity
There’s a saying in real estate that the three most important things about a property are location, location and location. The location of Panama has been a key factor in the country throughout its history. In teams or alone, find a story in the newspaper about a country other than the United States. Look up the location of the country using an atlas or the Internet. Write a paragraph describing how location affects the well-being of the country you chose. Did it play a role in why the country is in the news?