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Meet America’s Original Nations

Cover Sample Spread 
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Each November, America celebrates the culture and contributions of American Indians during Native American Month. This handsome new supplement explains the origins of American Indian nations, how their concept of sovereignty influenced the United States and how the customs of different tribes are distinct, despite some shared beliefs. The supplement comes with a FREE Teachers Guide that can extend deliveries of newspapers up to four weeks. Because creation of this supplement was made possible by the support of Ford Motor Company Fund, it is branded with the Fund logo and includes a quarter-page thank you ad acknowledging the Fund’s support on the inside back cover. NIE programs are free, however, to seek local sponsorship, and to use the back page to acknowledge local sponsors. The support of Ford Motor Company Fund may open doors for sponsorship by local Ford dealerships. No competing auto companies may be sponsors. These materials are not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Stereotypes often evolve when the general public does not know about a particular group of people. American Indian communities have been subject to stereotyping since European explorers first arrived in North America. One way to combat stereotypes is to educate the public about cultural groups through community events or museums. Look through the newspaper for a community event sponsored by a cultural group. Design a poster to promote this event. Follow up by using the Internet to research a community event important to American Indians in your state or region. Write a paragraph describing this event and its significance.

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American Indian groups, tribal governments, history museums, anthropology museums, American Indian businesses or casinos, colleges, universities