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A War Story

Cover Sample Spread 
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Hollister Kids’ “Paratrooper” series for Veterans Day, Memorial Day or the anniversary of D-Day is now available as a 12-page supplement titled “A War Story.” This package is a perfect companion to Ken Burns’ new PBS documentary on World War II, or as a living history piece to run at any time of year. It features a dramatic first-person account of a paratrooper who jumped in France in support of the Normandy landing on D-Day. At the same time it reveals the character traits and commitment that soldiers today demonstrate in carrying out their missions. It is a great way to thank World War II veterans, while also honoring the troops of this generation who are serving around the world. The material ties the history of World War II to current events through newspaper activities specially crafted to accompany the narrative. Vividly written like a serial story, the account by paratrooper Sgt. Don Reiland will hold the attention of readers of all ages, while capturing the uncertainty, fear, bravery and commitment of young men thrust into events that changed the world.

Sample Newspaper Activity
In the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the importance of the operation was far greater than individual soldiers or units. In many activities or undertakings today, the overall goals are greater than the roles that single individuals play. Find an example in the newspaper today or this week. Your example can involve the military or another kind of activity. Write a short comparison of D-Day and this activity or undertaking. Draw a Venn diagram to aid your comparison, if you like.

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veterans groups, VFW, American Legion, Gold Star Mothers, Memorial Day Committees, military bases, political parties, civic groups, Rotary, Elks, Jaycees, Chamber of Commerce