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Teaching Writing Skills with Your e-Edition

Cover Sample Spread 
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Like the rest of the world, newspapers are changing the ways they deliver information. In addition to Web sites with text and other resources, newspapers now offer readers electronic editions that re-create the experience of reading the print paper with computer technology. These e-Editions are an excellent way to teach students the technology skills that will be important to jobs in the 21st century. They also are an excellent way to teach and reinforce skills in academic areas. “Teaching Writing Skills with Your e-Edition” introduces students to the electronic features of e-Editions, while teaching them how to build the skills that will make them better at expository, persuasive and other forms of writing. This 44-page guide is packed with activities and activity sheets designed to keep your e-Edition on screen at all times, and all are written to state and national education standards. This 8.5 by 11 guide can be e-mailed to teachers as a pdf, offered as a pulldown on your e-Edition site, made available as a download or delivered on CD.

Sample Newspaper Activity
PICTURE THIS — Writers use words to paint pictures that tell readers what things look like or places feel like. Have students print out a news or feature story from the e-Edition that contains details describing a setting, institution or activity of your community, or another community. Ask them to circle every word or phrase that gives them a picture of what the place is like. Then have them put these words into categories: Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Noun. Which kind of words appeared most? Discuss why that is the case. Then challenge students to use some of these words to describe a place they know.