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Focus on Finance

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This year, the United States is facing its biggest financial crisis in more than 70 years. The prices on the stock market have dropped way down, banks and insurance companies are in trouble and the government has been forced to step in with billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money to keep banks and investment firms in business. This award-winning education section has been newly updated to help students understand what is going on with the nation’s economy. It also is designed to give students a sound understanding about the world of finance, what areas will change most as they become adults and how stocks, investments and interest rates work.

Sample Newspaper Activity
News Cents — You can practice investing before you try the real thing. Pick a few stocks you might be interested in from the listings in today’s newspaper. Discuss how the prices are written as a class. You have $5,000 to spend. In the spaces below, write what stock you are buying, the price you are paying today and the number of shares. Check your stock in the paper or online every week, or every day, and record how the prices are doing. Discuss your choices as a class.

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