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Feasts of the Holidays

Cover Sample Spread 
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Holidays teach us the traditions of many cultures. They also teach us the foods of many cultures. This lively section looks at Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah and Latino and Asian holidays through the foods that make them special. A smorgasbord in every sense, it teaches diversity as well as recipes. Food connection invites supermarket sponsorships! This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.

Sample Newspaper Activity
During Hanukah, family members give each other presents. Some families give each other gifts on each of the eight nights of the holiday and other families do their gift-giving all at once. Using the newspaper, pick out Hanukah gifts for a boy and girl your age.

Sponsor Suggestion
Supermarkets, diversity or neighborhood groups, retail holiday advertisers (co-op sponsorships), ecumenical clergy associations.