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Special Price for Award-Winning Materials

Hollister Kids has been creating dynamic unit study and teaching materials for schools, museums, newspapers, sports teams and non-profit foundations for more than 10 years.

Now, for the first time, these award-winning units are available to Parents, Individual Teachers and Home Schoolers.

Each unit explores a themed topic in a fresh way and teaches students how to use the contemporary texts of newspapers, websites and Internet resources to build academic skills.

Hollister Kids education materials have been honored 52 times in the last dozen years in the national Distinguished Achievement Awards competition of the Association of Educational Publishers.

Math carnival Sports Science Constitution in the News Build Skills for Reading

Prices for Parents, Individual Teachers & Home Schoolers
5 Units for $20
Units Individually Priced at $5 Each
Payment by Credit Card Is Expected at the Time of Order.
Units Delivered by Mail on CD

NOTE: Pricing elsewhere on this website is for bulk purchase by media companies, schools and other organizations and does not apply to Individuals.

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