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“Paratrooper” Summer Series Links NIE
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On May 29, the United States dedicated the National World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. On June 6, the world observed the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

To commemorate these events, Hollister Kids created a Newspaper In Education Series called “WWII… D-Day60.”

Because of the enthusiastic response from Veterans as well as Teachers, Hollister Kids is now offering this dramatic feature as a summer reading series titled Paratrooper: A Summer Series.

This handsome 10-unit package features a dramatic first-person account of a paratrooper who jumped in France in support of the Normandy landing on D-Day. At the same time it reveals the character traits and commitment that soldiers of every generation have demonstrated in carrying out their missions.

It is a great way to thank veterans of “the greatest generation,” while also honoring the troops of this generation who are serving around the world. The series ties the history of World War II to current events through newspaper activities specially crafted to accompany the narrative.

The 10 parts in the series make it a perfect once-a-week feature that could run all through summer vacation.

Vividly written like a serial story, the account by paratrooper Sgt. Don Reiland will hold the attention of readers of all ages, while capturing the uncertainty, fear, bravery and commitment of young men thrust into events that changed the world. The series takes readers inside the experience of war, explores the character values of duty, courage and discipline and reveals the ultimate humanity of soldiers even amid chaos and destruction.

Sample Excerpt:
“The sky looked like the Fourth of July. The pings of bullets hitting the fuselage increased, and the plane began lurching badly. I am sure all of us felt we would be better off on the ground—somewhere, anywhere—than being blown out of the sky. My lieutenant had his hands on each side of the door and was poised to jump. Then, as the plane made a particularly heavy lurch, he reached inside and groped for something substantial to hold. The crunch of 17 paratroopers behind us made me feel that one more lurch and the lieutenant and I both would be hurled out the door. My eyes darted from the fireworks outside to the light panel just over my right shoulder. When several bullets hit the plane, I felt sure that someone would be hit. It was torturous waiting for the light to jump. At last, it went on, the lieutenant shouted ‘Let's go!’ and as he disappeared I dove out of the plane.”

Sample Newspaper Activity:
On D-Day paratroopers provided an inland front for the Normandy beach invasion by engaging and disabling German troops behind enemy lines. Military operations often involve coordination of different kinds of troops and equipment. Find an example of military action in the newspaper. Write a description of the kinds of troops and equipment needed to make the operation a success. Then write what each type adds to the effectiveness of the operation.

Sign up now to order this special World War II commemorative package. Your students and teachers will thank you—and so will your veterans!

The series is moderately priced to satisfy tight summer budgets!
Under 50,000—$150
Over 200,000—$300

To give NIE programs a way to help students improve at writing, Hollister Kids now offers a special version of its “Writing Skills” Super-Size Teacher Guide in which the activity sheets have been converted to a series of quarter-page ads for use in-paper. Based on national writing standards, these ads use the newspaper to help kids explore and improve all styles of writing. The package includes 19 activity sheets in ad format, plus additional activities from the Teacher Guide that may be offered to schools or parents as a premium for subscribing or participating. Space is available at the bottom of each ad to feature the logo of a sponsor or your NIE program. This option may be especially effective as a summer feature.
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Newspaper PLUS
The goal of the best serial stories or newspaper series is to build a following around subjects of interest to young readers. Hollister Kids’ weekly current events feature Newspaper PLUS has been doing that for nearly eight years, winning enthusiastic followers among both students and adults. Always on top of the news, Newspaper PLUS was voted one of the top youth columns in America in the spring of 2001, earning finalist status in the Distinguished Achievement Awards competition of the Association of Education Publishers (EdPress). Written by a former daily journalist for a major U.S. paper, Newspaper PLUS takes a top story each week and comes at it from a kid’s perspective. It follows up with discussion activities that encourage students to relate the news to their own lives, and newspaper activities that tie current events to the lessons of history.
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Summer Plus
For more than five years, Summer Plus has given young readers the continuity of a top Newspaper In Education feature for the summer months. This weekly feature reaches, teaches and entertains young readers and their families with a new topic every week. It focuses on subjects kids talk about on summer vacation, from movies and sports to food recreation and unusual events. Activities each week, provide “conversation starters” for young readers and their families, and lead students into the daily newspaper to learn more. Each year a 10-week series is written weekly to provide the freshest and most up to date material available. For newspapers that would like to run Summer Plus more than once a week, a supplemental package of features is available.
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Other Topics to Try

Black History
The story of Black History in America is a journey that began centuries ago in Africa and continues today in the United States. This supplement takes students on that journey with African Americans who have overcome huge obstacles to make their mark on the nation’s history from its beginnings to today. With handsome design and newspaper activities, it connects their stories to the world we live in now. Teacher Guide also available. This Supplement can be broken up into a series package.
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Make the Reading Connection
School districts and states now require tests to measure students? reading ability each year or at key grade levels. This special supplement will help students get ready for those tests, and to improve reading comprehension every day. It contains newspaper-style stories on topics kids enjoy, questions based on those stories, vocabulary words, book lists and newspaper activities. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.
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Character Education English
Schools are now being asked to teach values, as well as academics — to make students better people, as well as smarter ones. This challenging section explores the key values of respect, responsibility, caring, honesty, self-discipline, courage, love, truthfulness and fairness — and shows how they can be learned through different subject areas. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series. Not available in Michigan.
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Feasts of the Holidays
Holidays teach us the traditions of many cultures. They also teach us the foods of many cultures. This lively section looks at Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah and Latino and Asian holidays through the foods that make them special. A smorgasbord in every sense, it teaches diversity as well as recipes. Food connection invites supermarket sponsorships! This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.
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Community of Holidays
Everyone loves the holiday season in December, and kids and teachers love this tab that explores our traditions and celebrations. Special emphasis is placed on how holidays give a sense of community and reinforce the importance of community in our lives. Newspaper activities give new meaning to the phrase “community news.” This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.
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Study Skills
Class assignments tell students WHAT to study, but kids often miss out on HOW to study. This widely popular tab explores strategies for developing the skills and work habits that are key to success in school. Of special interest are sections on study styles, study settings, listening, time management and test taking. Lots of newspaper activities. Teacher Guide also available. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.
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Art Appreciation
The fine arts are getting more attention in schools across the country. This section teaches the basics of art appreciation, explores form, motion, color theory and techniques and shows how art is all around us in neighborhood murals, statues or interesting buildings. A great way to partner with a local museum or art gallery by substituting photos of local artwork. Grades 3 and Up.
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The wonderful world of insects is examined in this entertaining tab that is sure to fascinate readers of all ages. Insect behavior is examined closely through thought-provoking comparisons with other animals and humans. Use-the-newspaper activities explore nature and the environment. Close-up photography presents nature that looks like science fiction!
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Fitting In/Peer Pressure
Fitting in is one of the most difficult issues pre-teen and teen students face. This newly updated section examines issues of friendship, dating, peer pressure, grades, sports, drugs, violence, fashions and more. Each section offers practical advice for coping, plus use-the-newspaper activities. Teacher Guide also available.
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Let’s Give Thanks
Events of the last two years have taught us many things, but one of the most important is to be thankful for the things that are important to us. This supplement emphasizes the positive by encouraging children to give thanks for families, friends and the support of community. It also offers a look at the cycles of life and includes a short history of the Thanksgiving holiday and crafts activities.
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Focus on Finance
The world of money and finance is changing dramatically. And this tab takes a look at how investing, budgeting, currency, ATMs, credit cards and the stock market matter to every one of us. Lessons on the history of money are featured on every page. Named top winner in Sponsored Publication category of national EdPress competition. Newly updated for latest economic trends. Not available in Michigan.
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Sports Science
Why does a basketball bounce? Why do skaters glide along the ice? The excitement of sports often disguises the fact that science affects all athletes. This special supplement will unlock the secrets of science in the sports that students love. Illustrated with photos of popular male and female athletes, this section will reach and teach both athletes and non-athletes. And it has been reviewed by a panel of science teachers!
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Strength of a Nation
Hollister’s nationally honored “Strength of a Nation” supplement has been updated to serve as an inspirational history tab for any patriotic occasion or time. This special section examines events from U.S. history to show how the nation has met challenges and bounced back from setbacks in the past. It looks at both military and non-military events and asks students to consider how the idea of “strength” has changed for Americans since September 11, 2001 through war in Iraq. It ends by asking them to predict what will be the major developments in history in the next year. The original “Strength of a Nation” supplement was honored nationally for excellence by the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress) in its Distinguished Achievement Competition.
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Underground Railroad
The story of the Underground Railroad is one of the most compelling that students encounter in school. Acts of courage and compassion teach African American history with the power of humanity. This special supplement tells the tale of the Underground Railroad with anecdotes, archival photos and an innovative, interactive feature: “A Job for the History Detective.” Teacher Guide also available.
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Lost Worlds — Adventures in Archaeology
Almost every day, the fascinating field of archaeology makes new discoveries that amaze and inform us about our world. And this lively, award-winning supplement will engage students by looking at some of the most significant breakthroughs of the last several years. Subjects include ancient ruins, shipwrecks, dinosaurs, mummies, mammoths and more. Newspaper activities on every page connect to all sciences. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series. It was doubly honored in the national 2003 EdPress awards competition.
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Protect & Serve America
The ongoing war on terrorism has made safety and security a top concern in every state. As a result, careers of public safety and security have gotten increased attention from students as they consider their options in the world of work. This supplement, which was honored for excellence in the national 2003 EdPress competition, examines the new Department of Homeland Security and the prospects for employment in public service and security professions. Careers include firefighting, police work, health, intelligence and the military.
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Science in the News
This tab for Grades 4 and Up is designed to fill the wide need for more NIE science materials. From the human genome to water on Mars, this tab explains issues to students in clear, lively fashion, and will provide teachers newer, more up-to-date information than that found in the newest textbooks. Discussion and newspaper activities explore the many fields of science making news every day. Teacher Guide also available. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.
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Fish Tales
The life forms of the oceans are among the great fascinations of nature. This lively student supplement for elementary grades takes an energetic look at the lives and variety of fish. With original illustrations,it teaches how fish swim, how they breathe, how they breed, how they protect themselves, how they feed, and how they are affected by humans. Activities use the newspaper on every page.
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This tab for Grades 4 and Up looks at progress and problems involving top environmental issues in the last few years. Written in a clear, concise style, the section features current events more recent than those in the newest textbooks. Each section comes with discussion and use-the-news activities. Dramatic nature photos enhance the enviro-friendly design. A Teacher Guide also available.
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